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Please contact Amy Jones, Office Manager at or 636-227-5432 with any questions.


Trinity Lutheran Church’s (Trinity) primary purpose is to carry on the mission and ministry of the congregation. Trinity has a desire to serve as an outreach to the community and has a number of longstanding relationships with community organizations for ongoing use. Trinity is happy to have your organization share our facilities.

So that all church members and outside groups can enjoy our facility, we ask that you follow this policy and fill out and submit the Property Rental Request and Release Form. Once your Rental Request is approved, you will receive a Rental Agreement to sign. 

Requests for building use are managed through the church office. No commitment for building use is finalized until the Rental Agreement has been approved and executed through the church office. Local organizations and individuals for one-time or short-term usage may use the church building. When possible, we will attempt to make our facility available for such groups. Our first priority is to congregation programs and membership needs. Priority is then given to nonprofit groups that are supported by the church, and finally to other nonprofit organizations.

Approval for the use of Trinity’s grounds and/or facilities does not constitute or imply endorsement of a group, their mission, or their positions. Groups approved to use Trinity’s facilities are not to advertise the event in such a way as to imply endorsement by Trinity. No activities or advocacy may take place within Trinity, its buildings or grounds that conflict with the practices of this congregation and the ELCA.


Step One

Complete a Property Rental Request Form.

Step Two

Once your Property Rental Request is approved, you will receive a Rental Agreement. Sign the Agreement and Submit it along with any requested payment or documents.


Please Contact Our Office
to Arrange Payment


Trinity's Rules and Regulations
Venue Release and Waiver of Liability and Indemnity Agreement


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