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Prayer Requests
If you are in need of prayer or desire prayer for another, please submit your request below.  Please know that our prayers are lifted to God so that God's will might be done in the midst of any situation that may arise. Names and specific details are not necessary, for we do believe that the Spirit intercedes for us - God knows our prayers before we even pray them!  



















Intercessory Prayer Group
Intercessory Prayer Ministers are individuals who are available to God for another, in prayer.  They are called to listen to both the people around them and God, and then out of all that information, Spirit, and care, they lift prayers to God.  What might people pray about?  They lift up the stuff of their hearts:  illness, thanksgiving, war, peace, hunger, children, accidents and joy.  There is nothing that is outside the realm of prayer because God makes known what the prayer is about.


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