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Christy Cole, Preschool Director


About Trinity Preschool

Trinity Preschool is a weekday preschool program existing to Trinity Preschool, established in 1957, is a ministry of Trinity Lutheran Church.  At Trinity Preschool we partner with parents to offer a Christ-centered loving and nurturing environment where each child can be encouraged to develop their own unique personalities and God-given talents.  We have intentionally designed a program for children ages one through five and we are also one of the few preschools with certified teachers leading each of our classes from ages three through Junior Kindergarten.

Our Mission Statement


Trinity Preschool is a weekday preschool program existing to encourage the growth of the whole child physically, academically, and spiritually.  We provide a Christ-centered environment that is safe and nurturing with developmentally appropriate curriculum and structure for students.  We want preschoolers to know and believe that God made them; He loves them, and wants to be their friend forever!

School Verse

“Lord show me your truth. Teach me. You are God my Savior. I put my hope in you all day long.”  Psalm 25:4-5 (NIRV)

Vaccination and Health Policy


Each child is required to have a physical examination upon entrance to school and must be FULLY IMMUNIZED in order to register. Children who have been sick should not return until they have been fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours. 


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Our students enjoy spending time in our school Maker Space-a place for hands-on learning with all the tools for creativity.

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We provide each of our preschool class music lessons each week.  In addition, students present both a Christmas and an end-of-year music program for their families to showcase the beautiful music they’ve learned all year long!

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Trinity incorporates the Handwriting Without Tears program into our curriculum. It is a very hands-on program with lots of music and movement activities to allow the children to have fun while writing and learn to write the letters the proper way for success later in school. You can check the program out at

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STREAM is an acronym for the integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math. Emphasizing STREAM in education encourages children to think logically, problem solve, and apply skills to equip students with the skills they need to compete in the 21st Century. STREAM concepts will be taught throughout the day integrated with the other activities going on in the classroom.

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Once a month we join together as a school for Chapel to sing, hear a short devotional and pray. Parents and families are always welcome to join us for this monthly event.​


The training children receive in the early years of their lives is some of the most significant they will ever receive.  At Trinity Lutheran Preschool, we provide:

1.  A Christ-centered curriculum where children will experience and hear daily of Jesus' love for them.

2.  A safe, secure, and clean environment in which to explore.

3.  A caring and nurturing atmosphere which fosters each child's creativity and positive self-image in order to develop an interest and joy in learning as well as a feeling of security and independence.

4.  A balance of activities which include outdoor and indoor play, teacher-directed and child-initiated learning experiences within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.


" My son comes home from school just plain happy. He is proud of his artwork; he talks of Jesus, friends, teachers, activities, and his excitement for another day. He is learning so much developmentally and academically that according to my son 'his head is now stronger than his neck.'  I feel so comfortable with my child here at Trinity because I know he is loved wholeheartedly here everyday." - Fitz's Mom


 “Trinity Lutheran Preschool has changed my life. Before attending Trinity, my son had never been away from me. He was clingy, didn’t know how to play with peers, and was shy. Mrs. Henderson and Mrs. Lester, from the two-year-old classroom, have been absolutely outstanding. They are patient and kind. They understand what Michael needs and how he learns best. Everyone at Trinity is wonderful. Upon pick up and drop off, my son is greeted by name by every staff member. I think that is super special and impressive, and it makes me feel very welcomed. I love Trinity and recommend it to all of my friends.” – Michael’s Mom


“Trinity Preschool has been the best preschool experience for my three children. Trinity has fostered a love for learning, curiosity, and faith in God that my children will have for the rest of their lives. Everyone at Trinity has been so wonderful and I am forever grateful that my children have had the opportunity to be part of such an amazing place.”  - Gabriel’s Mom


“We came to Trinity Preschool because of their reputation in the community and Junior Kindergarten program - which is exceptional. From the first moment we walked in, Trinity felt like home. The atmosphere and curriculum was exactly what we imagined as our ideal preschool. Over the years, we have stayed at Trinity because of the amazing culture these educators have so tirelessly and lovingly cultivated. They are instilling faith, not only through their teaching, but much more importantly, through their actions. They walk like Christ, with love and compassion, seeing the best in each child. We feel so blessed to be a part of the Trinity family and will be forever grateful for the foundation they have given our boys.”


“The curriculum and lessons at Trinity Preschool helped both of our daughters be prepared and confident heading into elementary school. We feel like the experiences they've had at Trinity are a direct reason why our children love school and learning so much!” – Chelsea’s Mom


“The teachers are all so positive when they greet the kids in the morning! It creates a positive atmosphere to start the day!  It’s really comforting to know that our children are being taught about Jesus at such a young age!” - William’s Mom

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