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Mission Survey


The Trinity Mission Committee is in the process of planning our future mission work and is requesting your input and suggestions regarding this essential work.


The Mission Team has been meeting regularly and working hard to re-evaluate our current Mission work and to update our Mission planning. It is critical that our mission work be strongly aligned with our Trinity Mission and Vision and leads us to ….”be the hands and feet of Christ in the Community.”  Through this work the team is trying to identify and differentiate our mission work into 3-5 “Core Missions” and “Other Mission Work”. Core Mission work is strongly aligned with Trinity’s Mission and Vision and represents work of the Congregation as a whole.  “Other Mission Work” is work that is important to Trinity but does not meet the definition or criteria for Core Missions. The Mission Committee recently updated the “Mission Committee Guiding Principles” 8-2021 (Click HERE to view)

Identify missional opportunities as “Core” or “Other” in order to determine focus of missional work and support
     a.    Definition of Core Missions:
            Mission work that is strongly aligned with Trinity’s Mission and Vision and the Congregation as a whole for Trinity to be the

            hands and feet of Christ in the community and meets the criteria for Core Missions.
     b.    Criteria for Core Missions:
             i.   Strongly aligned with Trinity’s Vision:  You Matter to God! You Matter to Us! and Mission: We will be the hands and feet of

                  Christ in the Community.
            ii.   Engages the Congregation as a whole
           iii.   Opportunities for “hands on” service
           iv.   Meaningful impact
            v.   Two-way relational and transformational ministry
           vi.   Ongoing participation and commitment from Congregation members (or program may be discontinued) 
          vii.   Multiple opportunities for involvement by diverse groups
         viii.   Must have a Trinity leader identified
     c.    Definition of Other Missions:
            Mission work that is important to Trinity, is strongly aligned with Trinity’s Mission and Vision, has a meaningful impact and is

            approved by the Mission Committee but does not meet the criteria for Core Mission.


Guidelines for Missional Service Assessment:
     1.    Christ-centered
     2.    In keeping with Trinity’s Mission/Vision statement
     3.    In keeping with the Mission of the Mission Committee
     4.    Mission upholds the dignity, needs, rights, values, and

            cultures of those we serve

Considerations for Assessment:
     1.    Broader church connection – Synodical or ELCA
     2.    Historical relationship
     3.    Short and long-term effects of service offered on those

     4.    Short and long-term effects of engagement on Trinity’s


     5.    Type and level of support needed
     6.    Need of people served
     7.    Number of people served
     8.    On-going or short-term event
     9.    Disaster Response
    10.   Opportunity for “hands-on” ministry
    11.   Mission Trip or Immersion Experience
    12.   Agency’s understanding of the needs of the community

             they serve
    13.   Agency’s organization & administrative costs
    14.   Charity and/or Justice


The purpose of this survey is to get your thoughts and suggestions regarding our current mission work and any new ideas. The Mission Committee very much appreciates your input and suggestions in helping us plan the future mission work for Trinity. 

Thank you,

Trinity Mission Committee

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