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For the next two years, Trinity Lutheran Church is committed to generously grow together as God’s people. We look back with gratitude for what God has done here at Trinity, and we look forward with great anticipation for what He is going to do in the future. 

We believe that God is inviting us to grow our roots down deep into Him, so that our community impact can expand and flourish. Our fervent hope is that you live a life of faith and grace,  filled with purpose and passion. A life  where God comes first because 

You Matter to God.
You Matter to Us.

Filled with countless opportunities, we are dreaming big. Filled with unlimited potential, we are Sowing Our Future so others will also experience the love of Jesus. We invite you to go on this journey with us!

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Pages from Trinity Sowing Our Future Boo
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Gift Allocation Video
Participation Incentive Program
Sowing Our Future Teaser Video
Temple Talk with Harry Mueller
Rick & Mikki Lee

Hear how Rick & Mikki Lee found a new family here at Trinity after suffering tragic loss. Since joining our Trinity family, the Lees have found peace and comfort in God's love. They are grateful for all of the welcoming people here at Trinity who are helping them to heal.

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Earl & Sandy Lindenberg

Hear how Trinity has been an integral part of Earl & Sandy Lindeberg’s family life for the past 46 years. Trinity is more than just a religious building—it is the glue that carries them through each week. Each week, the Lindenbergs put their trust in God and make financial giving a priority. They are thankful for all of God’s blessings and are excited to see the amazing work that God has planned for Trinity. 

Elaina Piccoli

Hear Elaina Piccoli describe how Trinity's ministry to mothers of preschoolers provides a source of spiritual growth and fellowship to young moms who may be experiencing loneliness and isolation. Elaina Piccoli answered God's call to lead the Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS) group here at Trinity. Through her, Trinity continues to sow the seeds for spiritual growth and generosity in Trinity's youngest community members.

Rachel Bierschenk & Ericka Anstine

Hear the story of how Trinity sowed the seeds of faith in Rachel Bierschenk & Erika Anstine through Trinity’s confirmation classes and mission trips. Trinity was instrumental at teaching Erika & Rachel how to joyfully apply their faith in order to make a lasting impact on others. When Erika & Rachel were in high school, Trinity offered them the opportunity to put their faith into action at Lantern Hill. While serving others, their faith grew and they gained a new perspective. Our Trinity family continues to grow and guide the faith of our youth during their formative years.

Bill Glazer

Hear the story of Bill Glazer, grandfather of Gus, who attends Trinity Preschool. Trinity Preschool has sown the seeds of faith in Gus and laid a firm foundation in the Christian faith. Bill is impressed with the positive attitude of the Trinity Preschool staff. He is grateful to Trinity for nurturing our youngest and would like to see Trinity continue to grow and expand its programs in the community.

Todd & Nicole Maloy

Hear how Todd & Nicole Maloy found a church family here at Trinity. Since joining our Trinity family, the Maloys have used their time, talent and treasures to grow in faith, grace and generosity. They are grateful for all of God’s blessings and are excited to see the amazing work that God has planned for Trinity. 

Eric & Michelle Halter

Hear about the impact Trinity has had on Eric  & Michelle Halter and their 3 teenagers. While they feel it is important to donate their time, treasure and talents, the Halters feel that they receive much more from Trinity than they give. For over 12 years, the Halters have worked side-by-side with their Trinity family to grow the faith of their children. They are excited for the future of Trinity and look forward to sowing the seeds of faith with Pastor Chris and the great staff and volunteers at Trinity.