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For the next two years, Trinity Lutheran Church is committed to generously grow together as God’s people. We look back with gratitude for what God has done here at Trinity, and we look forward with great anticipation for what He is going to do in the future. 

We believe that God is inviting us to grow our roots down deep into Him, so that our community impact can expand and flourish. Our fervent hope is that you live a life of faith and grace,  filled with purpose and passion. A life  where God comes first because 

You Matter to God.
You Matter to Us.

Filled with countless opportunities, we are dreaming big. Filled with unlimited potential, we are Sowing Our Future so others will also experience the love of Jesus. We invite you to go on this journey with us!

Rick & Mikki Lee
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Pages from Trinity Sowing Our Future Boo
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Earl & Sandy Lindenberg
Elaina Piccoli
Rachel Bierschenk & Ericka Anstine
Bill Glazer
Todd & Nicole Maloy
Eric & Michelle Halter
Gift Allocation Video
Participation Incentive Program