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Phase 2_072221.jpg
  • Roof Repair. The cost of the metal roof section (above the Worship Center) has not been finalized, pending the settlement of the damage claim with our insurance company. Materials have been ordered, but this work likely will not be completed until mid-September. This work will be coordinated so as not interfere with the beginning of Preschool. The other sections of the roofing project (the flat roofs) are 90 percent completed, and will be fully completed by mid-August.

  • Bathroom Updates. Materials have been picked out and ordered. Demolition work on four  of the Preschool bathrooms has begun. Work on the full project is expected to be completed by mid-August.

  • Upgrades to the Audio and Visual Systems in the Worship Center. CompletedThe new projectors and audio system have been installed. During the summer we will be working to refine and tweak the settings of the equipment.

  • Capital Campaign Fee. Paid

  • Debt reduction, Phase 1. Completed$87,000 has been paid

  • Debt reduction, Phase 2. $167,000 is to be paid after the roof work is complete.

  • Gym Table Replacement. Completed. Thirty-five old tables were donated on July 16 to the Center for Specialized Services in Ferguson, MO. New round and long tables and carts arrived at Trinity on July 19 and are available for use.

  • Kitchen Appliances. A meeting of key users of the kitchen and the staff is planned in mid-August to decide which appliances to repair or replace.

Roof Work_060221 copy.jpg
Roof Work_060221_1 copy.jpg

Roof supplies have arrived and prep work has begun.

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Our hard working roof crew

undercoat applied to roof over atrium 072221_1.jpg
Roof 060821_3 copy.jpg

Undercoat applied to the roof over the Atrium where the A/C units are 

Old Tables_July 2021_ (2).jpg

The old gym tables have been replaced with lighter weight tables. Thank you Jon Trettel, Ron Jones and Fred Meyland-Smith for assembling the new table carts and storing the new tables in an organized manner in the gym closet.

Preschool Bathrooms_July 2021) (9).jpg
Preschool Bathrooms_July 2021) (2).jpg

Demolition work on the preschool bathrooms has begun

AV System_July 2021_ (9).jpg
AV System_July 2021_ (3).jpg

The new projectors and sound system have been installed in the Worship Center.