Trinity Lutheran Preschool is an outreach ministry of the church. The purpose

of the preschool is to make Christ known to preschoolers and to provide a

developmentally appropriate educational experience that recognizes the spiritual,

mental, emotional, social and physical needs of each child. Our program includes

a Christian curriculum as well as a play based approach to learning.  We believe

that preschool children learn best through exploration, play, and hands-on experiences.


Trinity Preschools curriculum is a play based curriculum. Children learn best when they are actively

involved with hands-on materials. The classrooms have learning centers that include art, music and

movement, science, math and manipulatives, dramatic play, blocks and building toys, books and

writing. The teachers engage the children with activities which will help the children learn social skills,

literacy concepts, motor skills and creativity along with the science, technology, engineering and

mathematics concepts.

Children have a strong disposition to explore and discover. The Project Approach builds on natural

curiosity, enabling children to interact, question, connect, problem-solve, communicate, reflect and more. Projects are determined by the children's interest and the teachers guide the children through in-depth studies of these topics. The project work takes place alongside the other activities of the classroom with some projects lasting only a couple days and other projects lasting for weeks or even months.

STREAM is an acronym for the integration of Science, Technology, Religion, Engineering, Art and Math. Emphasizing STREAM in education encourages children to think logically, problem solve, and apply skills to equip students with the skills they need to compete in the 21st Century. STREAM concepts will be taught throughout the day integrated with the other activities going on in the classroom.

Trinity incorporates the Handwriting Without Tears program into our curriculum. It is a very hands-on program with lots of music and movement activities to allow the children to have fun while writing and learn to write the letters the proper way for success later in school. You can check the program out at

The training children receive in the early years of their lives is some of the most significant they will ever receive.  At Trinity Lutheran Preschool, we provide:

1.  A Christ-centered curriculum where children will experience and hear daily of Jesus' love for them.

2.  A safe, secure, and clean environment in which to explore.

3.  A caring and nurturing atmosphere which fosters each child's creativity and positive self-image in order to develop an interest and joy in learning as well as a feeling of security and independence.

4.  A balance of activities which include outdoor and indoor play, teacher-directed and child-initiated learning experiences within the context of a developmentally appropriate curriculum.  


In 1957, Trinity Lutheran School was opened with one preschool class and a Kindergarten class.  Trinity was the first church in the area to open a preschool.  In the following years, grades one through six were added.  With the growth of the Parkway school system, the grade school was closed, and the preschool was expanded.  Presently we have classes for children ages one through five.


Trinity Members Jan. 14: 9AM-1PM
Currently Enrolled Jan. 15: 9AM-2PM
Alumni Jan. 15: 12PM-2PM
Open to public Jan. 16: 9AM-1PM

**There is a REGISTRATION FEE of $90 per-child Registration fee and May 2021 tuition are due at registration. May tuition is due with registration and is only refundable if notice is given by May 31, 2020.


1-YEAR OLD CLASSES (must be 1 by September 30, 2020)

T/TH (9-11:30) $190

M/W (9-11:30) $190

M-TH (9-11:30) $380

2-YEAR OLD CLASSES (must be 2 by September 30, 2020):

T/TH (9-11:30) $190
M/W (9-11:30)
M-TH (9-11:30) $380

F (9-11:30) $80 (**MUST be added to one of the above classes)

3-YEAR-OLD CLASSES (must be 3 by September 30, 2020):
T/TH/AM (9-11:30)
M/W/F/AM (9-11:30) $240
M/W/F/PM (12-2:30) $240
M/W/F/AM&PM (9-2:30) $480
M-F/AM (9-11:30) $430

4-YEAR-OLD CLASSES (children must be 4 by September 30, 2020):
M/W/F/AM (9-11:30)
M/W/TH/F/AM (9-11:30) $300
M/W/F/PM (12-2:30) $240
M/W/F/AM & PM (9-2:30) $480
M/W/TH/F/AM & M/W/F/PM $540

JUNIOR KINDERGARTEN (children must be 5 by September 30, 2020):
M-F (9-11:30) $360
JK & M/W/F/PM $600

Enrichment- (Science and Math based program)
     4 year olds - Tuesday (9-11:30) $80 per month
     3 year olds - Friday (9-11:30) $80 per month


Lunch Bunch (extends child's day 1.5 hours) - Offered daily - Children bring a sack lunch
     11:30-1:00 - $10 per day & $15 for drop-ins (as available)

Friday Fun Day

     Program just for 2-year olds enrolled in M/W or T/TH classes (every Friday 9-11:30) $80 per month


Son Rise Club

     Before-school program open to ALL currently enrolled students

     8-9AM daily - $10 per day & $15 for drop-ins (as available)


Cherubs Music Class

     Trinity Lutheran Church choir for currently enrolled 4 & 5 year olds - Fridays (11:30-12) - $50 per session

     (Session 1: September-December / Session 2: January-May)

     *kids can go to lunch bunch afterward


HiNRG Gymnastics

     ON-SITE: available to currently enrolled 3-5 year olds - Monday or Thursday (11:30-12:10)

     Staffed by HiNRG employees (payment to HiNRG directly)



Director: Carol Bentley

Asstistant Director: Christy Cole


Teachers:      Kim Dolson
                       Stacey Drake
                       Meghan Green

                       Beth Henderson

                       Bree Phillips

                       Jessica Schellman


Support Staff: Teacher Aide, Lunch Bunch, Office Support

                       Anne Durfee

                       Michelle Klein

                       Joanna Lester

                       Kelly McKittrick

                       Lindsay O'Connell

                       Christine Schumm


+The programs of the preschool are open to students of any race, color, national or ethnic origin.


Carol Bentley 636-227-5720 or 

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