Volunteers pick up donated bread weekly from a local St. Louis Bread Co. and take
it to various locations around the city that serve the hungry and homeless.

Contact - Morris Larson​​

Bread for the World is a U.S. Christian citizens' movement devoted to encouraging public policy decisions aimed at alleviating domestic and global hunger. It is a founding member of The ONE CAMPAIGN--a movement to rally Americans to respond to the global emergencies of extreme poverty, and hunger.  Trinity has participated in the Offering of Letters and is working towards becoming a ONE Lutheran Church.

Contact - Peggy Schaefer

There is a box in the atrium for old cell phones. Trinity is collecting deactivated cell phones in conjunction with the "Donate a Phone/Call to Protect" program of the Wireless Foundation. The "Call to Protect" Campaign collects wireless phones to benefit victims of domestic violence. This is done by either of two means: by phones being refurbished and distributed to victims of domestic violence to be used as lifelines when faced with an emergency; or by the proceeds from the sale of phones being used to help fund agencies that fight domestic violence and provide educational efforts for victims.
Contact – Peggy Schaefer

Circle is a food pantry and temporary aid center that serves West County residents. Trinity collects meal-a-month food items that members donate.  Members also volunteer at the pantry. In the past, youth have organized soup can drives on Super Bowl Sunday

Contact - Morris Larson

Trinity sends monthly financial support to our region’s synod which supports both established and new congregations throughout the synod.

Contact - ELCA Central States Synod 

Trinity holds annual appeals for the ELCA World Hunger Program.  Money is channeled through partner organizations, Lutheran World Relief and Lutheran World Federation, to assist in world-wide hunger relief and development.

Contact - Corlyn Salisbury

Trinity has a year-round display offering fair trade coffee and tea. for purchase. TLC also hosts an annual HOLIDAY FAIR TRADE SALE each November!

Contact - Corlyn Salisbury


At Trinity, we focus our attention to providing safe, nurturing emergency shelter services that empowers homeless people to move into transitional and independent housing, via Gateway 180.  We encourage you to serve at Gateway 180 in many of our service opportunities; ranging from meal preparation to building maintenance, and kids games to professional development.

​Contact: Ken Hardebeck


Trinity members have joined others to build houses with Habitat for Humanity in the St. Louis area and in Wind River, Wyoming. Currently we are working with Good Shepherd as they build one in St. Louis.

Contact - Norm Hild

Both the congregation, and the Sunday School have a history of “buying” flocks of chicks, ducks, and geese, as well as water buffalo, llamas, goats, rabbits, and lambs through Heifer International. Heifer International is a nonprofit organization that provides animals and training to communities in need, in an effort to help families become self-reliant for food and income.

Contact - Corlyn Salisbury

IPM supports projects world-wide assisting people in need and creating partnerships. Currently Trinity is supporting the Peanut Butter Project: Peanut butter-based Ready-to-Use Therapeutic Food (RUTF,) an energy-dense lipid paste to combat malnutrition in Malawi, Africa.

Contact - Peggy Schaefer

Fellowship, Christian education, and support ministry for local college students is supported financially by Trinity. Trinity hosts the LCM Trivia night.

Contact - Ruth Rangel

LFCS provides counseling, education, and resources for families, children, and individuals. Trinity members participate in their annual fundraising Walk and Auction Dinner, as well as our Christmas Family Adoption Program for LFCS families. 

Contact - Norma Anderson

LMA has numerous programs assisting the elderly, the hospitalized, and the confined. Trinity supports LMA financially as well as with special occasional appeals for specific needed items, and our Christmas Family Adoption Program for LMA families.  LMA and Good Sam have united with an organization called Friends of Moms to become Humanitri in 2006.
Contact -  Ruth Rangel

Lutheran Senior Services' Christian mission is “older adults living life to the fullest.” To accomplish this mission their main effort in the St. Louis area is the operation of seven senior living communities, retirement and convalescent homes and apartment complexes, including apartments and homes for active retirees, assisted living apartments and an all level nursing home. Additionally they provide in-home health care, elderly in-home non medical services, social workers for older adults, and a child care center. Other quality living options are provided in out state Missouri and in Illinois. LSS offers a free speakers bureau on subjects of health and aging for interested churches and organizations. LSS is sponsored by local Lutheran Churches.

Contact - Morris Larson

This ministry consists of Trinity members, friends, youth, and prospective members gathering to prepare and freeze home cooked meals. You're invited and encouraged to take a meal from the church freezer to deliver to whomever you feel called to comfort, both members and non-members. The meals go to people in all sorts of life situations: sympathy, surgery, recovery, delivery of a baby, hospice, financial crisis, broken bone or broken heart, chemotherapy, college student or life chaos. Click here
 for the Meals Do Matter website.

Contact - Christie Tietjen

Metro St. Louis Coalition consists of 36 congregations and two worshipping communities of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America in the Metropolitan St. Louis Area who reach out in mission to the people in this area.

Contact - Morris Larson

We collect personal care items for soldiers and items for them to give to children, and send them to soldiers serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contact - Peggy Schaefer

>>TOWS (“The Ones Who Serve”)
All are welcome to help prepare a meal in the Trinity kitchen at 3:00 p.m. and deliver it to the homeless staying at the New Life Evangelistic Center in down town St. Louis, on the second Saturday of the month.

Contact - Denise Jadali

Wings of Hope is a St Louis based not-for-profit organization that assists the needy in the Midwest and in remote areas of many third world countries. Assistance is provided by transporting the sick and injured, providing medical supplies, healthcare volunteers, skilled personnel, and Humanitarian project materials. Airplanes are refurbished locally and placed with charities that operate them where an airplane is the only viable method of getting people to medical facilities, or delivering medicine and other supplies to remote villages.  They also have a Prescription Drug Collection Project: Wings of Hope collects unused prescription drugs (in their original containers) to be given to families in third world countries who could not otherwise afford medications. Contact Norm Hild for instructions as to how to donate any unused prescriptions you may have. And they have an Eye Glass Collection Program: There is a basket in the atrium for old eye glasses.

Contact - Norm Hild



Building Relationships, Changing Lives, Ending Homelessness, two families at a time!  It is our hope that you will learn more about WALKING TOGETHER, and will commit to the wonderful work of our  ministry!

Contact - Dave Luethy