For more than 100 years, Trinity Chesterfield has been a lighthouse in West St. Louis County, shining forth with the light of Christ.  We invite you to join us in being people of God committed to serving, growing and welcoming.

At Trinity, we are called to be a community that does not exist for itself.  We are devoted to reaching out to our neighbors.  By creating opportunities for hands-on-service, by partnering with local congregations and agencies, and by supporting the national and global mission of the Evangelical Church in America, we are able to extend the love of Christ to others.



Our Teaching

One Church - All Christians are part of the one church of Jesus Christ.  Lutherans are an expression of the whole church along with all other Christian denominations.

All Believers Are Ministers - Ministry is not just for pastors, but is the responsibility and the joy of every Christian.

One Word - The Bible is the source and norm for our lives and for all that we do as a church

Saved As a Gift - Being saved is an act of God which we cannot earn.  It comes to us completely as a gift.  Our faith lives are a response to that gift.     


We are one of over 11,000 congregations   of The Evangelical Lutheran Church in America.  Our local area, called The Central States Synod, has 200 congregations in Missouri and Kansas.



“YOU matter to God, YOU matter to us!”

Trinity is called to be a transforming community of faith, focused on making disciples of Jesus, by awakening people everywhere to the truth, relevance and power of the gospel of God’s Grace.

We will see lives changed as we welcome people to Jesus Christ, equip Christians as servant-leaders and send servant-leaders out to be Christ to others.

Who We Are

Trinity is people of all ages coming together to explore God’s Word and discovering its truth, relevance and power to transform our lives and the lives around us. 

We are called to be the hands and feet of Christ, loving and caring for the “least of these.”  Those who desire to deepen their relationship with Christ are invited to join others growing together in the 5 pillars of faith: Learning, Worshiping, Serving, Praying, and Giving.